Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States

St. George Coptic Orthodox Church
Daytona Beach

Theotokos Land

The Theotokos Land has served many families and youth since it was purchased. 
It started by served as a temporary home for our beloved consecrated sisters from St. Mary's convent.
It is now serving as a temporary place of residence for our immigrant families from Egypt. 

The Theotokos land serves as a community congregate place for our families and children every week.
The land as an activity available for everyone such as :

  • soccer fields
  • outdoor picnic area
  • indoor ping pong table and pool table
  • television area with surround sound to enjoy movie/popcorn on a Sunday afternoon
  • WiFi available
  • kitchen facility to prepare meals and snacks for children
  • a 10-acre land allowing for large play area for children riding bikes, scooters, and enjoying the outdoors.

The Theotokos Land is now undergoing many renovations and needs your support and prayers. Donations can be made via PayPal or by using church donation box with a memo: Theotokos Land.

  • resurfacing and painting of picnic table area for children,
  • carpet removal & tile installation for a healthier environment,
  • changing windows and doors for energy conservation,
  • pest control for safety,
  • water softener system for potable drinking water ,
  • re-painting exterior and interior of the home,
  • kitchen and bathroom upgrades for usability,
  • landscaping,
  • children’s outdoor playground,
  • youth basketball court with seating area

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