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This is a children/youth early alert warning for themselves and their parents. While we are in the midst of the Holy Great Fast it is a great time to being preparing for the Resurrection Feast Day Activities. There will be many activities this year sponsored by the Middle School Youth. Participants will all need spiritual preparation and planning with both the parent and the children/youth doing so together.....


God willing, the Middle School Youth of St. George Coptic Orthodox Church will coordinate the Glorious Resurrection Feast Day Activities for the children/youth asking abouna's blessing. This first small preview is for both the children's and the parent's beginning preparation...

The Glorious Resurrection Feast Day Activities will include a 1000, yes-- ONE THOUSAND--Easter Egg Hunt. The youth who finds the empty egg will win the grand prize---A WHITE RABBIT WITHOUT BLEMISH----but finding this special egg is only halfway to winning the grand prize of the LIVE, WIGGLY NOSE RABBIT. The youth must be able to tell abouna why the empty egg wins the prize and the Holy Gospel -Bible verse to support his/her claim. Parents the LIVE rabbit will come in a box with holes in it and a small amount of food. If your youth wins be prepared that a cage and additional food will be necessary!

Once the Easter Eggs are opened many will contain small pieces of assorted items to make a picture with. The children will glue the pieces onto a piece of construction paper given to them. The middle school committee of Renag and Maria will select the best picture and a prize will be given. Children must bring their own glue to participate. Paper will be provided.

There will be a Egg-Stravaganza Relay Race which everyone will need to be in a team of 4 youth. The middle school chairman of this committee is Samuel. Please pick out your team mates ahead of time. The last relay to cross the finish line with an unbroken egg wins. Yes, the last person to finish the relay wins. This is not a typo---To be first you need to learn to be last! Winning the relay is half of the contest --to win the 4 youth must tell abouna what the large hanging egg is near the St. George altar and what it symbolizes. A SECRET YELLOW FLUFFY LIVE prize will be given for this event it will also come in a box with holes.

Sidewalk Chalk will be given to all who wish to design a square of the sidewalk. Please be planning your design--it must be Coptic Resurrection oriented and portray what you imagine the discovery of the stone being rolled away looked like and where our Lord's grave clothes lay. You or your parents must have the Holy Bible verse that speaks to this underneath the stone. Parents are allowed to assist the children with this contest. A prize will be given for this contest too!!!

Memorizing the lovely Beatitudes (Matthew 5) our Lord sat on a mountain and proclaimed could entitle the first child to do so a BABY DUCK --yes A LIVE BABY DUCK---it will come in a box with holes and a small amount of food. Parents be prepared that additional housing and food will be necessary!!! The youth must take abouna aside and recite the Beatitudes to him with a small explanation of what they mean and where our Lord was when he taught them prior to reciting it at the Feast Day celebration.

Our beloved Lord came to earth to make "fishers of men." For each child who can recite to abouna and tsony the verse and whom he made "fishers of men," will receive a goldfish--A LIVE GOLDFISH---so parents please be prepared once again if your child should bring home a live bubbling swimming fish it will come in a bag with a small amount of food.

The final event will be Resurrections Eggs. The Resurrection eggs will be played during the after Vespers Bible Study Class with the Middle School and High School Class during the Holy Great Fast; so the middle school and high school will be eliminated from this contest due to prior play. The younger children must be able to identify what is inside the egg from the HOLY CRUCIFIXION TO THE RESURRECTION and what it was used for; an example is if an egg contains a metal spear--the child should say "spear and what it was used for." Parent may prepare their children for this event but cannot prompt the child's answer during the contest!

The committee would like to ask that all children and their parents be kept from the high school classroom where preparations are currently being made for the celebration as they wish it to be a surprise to each and every one!

Good luck to each and every participant who begins their preparation!!











The Ten commandements bible and beautitudes bible recitation contest has already been won!  Congratulations goes out to Veronia Sadek

Now it is time for another Holy Bible Contest.  More information coming up soon
The prize is a $40 gift certificate to be spent in the St. George Bookstore or the St. Mary & St. Moses Monastery Bookstore or any Coptic Resource online purchase equivalent to $40 & approved by abouna.

All winners of previous contestants may participate! Good luck to all our students!

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